Jewkes, Y (2007). Crime online.?Willan Publishing, Devon.

1: Killed by the Internet : cyber homocides, cyber suicides and cyber sex crimes / Yvonne Jewkes
2: Cybercrime : re-thinking crime control strategies / Susan W. Brenner
3: The problem of stolen identity and the Internet / Emily Finch
4: Biometric solutions to identity-related cybercrime / Russel G. Smith
5: Internet child pornography : international responses / Yvonne Jewkes and Carol Andrews
6: The role of computer forensics in criminal investigations / Robert Moore
7: Teenage kicks or virtual villainy? Internet privacy, moral entrepreneurship and the social construction of a crime problem / Majid Yar
8: In the back of the net : football hooliganism and the Internet / Stefan Fafinski
9: Constructing crime : stalking, celebrity, ‘cyber’ and media / Maggie Wykes
10: Digital undergrounds : alternative politics and civil society / Rinella Cere
11: Beyond the desert of the real : crime control in a virtual(ised) reality / Katja Franko Aas

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