Following the riots that occurred in towns and cities across England between 6 August 2011 and 10 August 2011, the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Official Opposition established the Riots Communities and Victims Panel and asked it to consider: (1) what may have motivated a small minority of people to take part in the riots; (2) why the riots happened in some areas and not others; (3) how key public services engaged with communities before, during and after the riots; (4) what motivated local people to come together to resist riots in their area or to clean up after riots had taken place; (5) how communities can be made more socially and economically resilient in the future to prevent future problems; and (6) what could have been done differently to prevent or manage the riots. This study is the final report of the Panel. It is written from a national perspective, so it does not aim to analyse the riots at a local level. Its purpose is to capture the overarching findings, whilst highlighting important local differences.

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